Be inspired!


“Be inspired and playaround with clothes,but keep your own personality.I feel sorry for people who want to look like someone in a magazine.You will always look better when you are yourself,and when you understand what fits you and what pleases you.For me,that’s the key to style”

said Isabel Marant in an interview for H&M

Isabel Marant is the label and the designer which encapsulates more and more how women of all ages,nationalities and professions really want to look and live today.Obsessive it’s the only word to describe women’s relationships with the Isabel Marant pieces in their wordrobes…and it’s perfectly understandable.




“We live in global times-and that means we often search worldwide looking for inspiration , new trends and fresh looks.”
Personal, I could say that fashion is a part of me.Since I was a child I was passionate about fashion, art and music.Now I know what I wanna do.I wanna write about it.I want to inspire people.why not?! I wanna write for a famous magazine and maybe someday to have my own collection of clothes .
Until 2 months ago I wanted to become a lawyer, but plans have changed and I realized that I had to do something else, completely different, but something which represent me better, in my opinion.I’m happy.The support and encouragement of friends and family can have a very powerful effect, and I feel that.